Brand Story

Yunge is short for “Yun Ge” ,  Which means “song in the clouds” in Chinese . Image such a scenes, the peoples are living under the blue sky and white clouds freely, enjoying their favourite song. Every thing in the world is beautiful. The glorious scenes need us to focus on protecting our environment.

Yunge’s purpose is to research and produce “ green, environmental protection, and energy saving” LED Lights for people to help them make full use of the solar energy in their home life; In places where sunlight is not enough,we provide them with LED grow light for hydroponic/indoor gardening, home & commercial grows.

Brand Concept

 “Green、Energy saving、 Environmental protection”

We are committed to solutions for solar lighting、 power generation and plant growth lights, helping to reduce  CO₂ emissions and our environmental friendliness. Yunge’s integrated solar street lights are powered by the clean energy of the sun. Our high-quality, high-efficiency solar panels work with our smart technologies, such as MPPT (Multiple Point Tracking), to provide practical differences in energy efficiency. Yunge’s LED grow lights provide plants with a superior growing environment and help plants grow healthier and yield better harvests.